Hot sales 99% High Purity Clobenolimus for Inhibition of Appetite and Weight Loss CAS 13364-32-4

Short Description:

  • Name:: chlorbenazole
  • Alias:: N - [(2-chlorophenyl) methyl] - 1-phenylpropan-2-amine
  • CAS No.: : 13364-32-4
  • use: phenylethylamine appetite suppressant. It has the effect of inhibiting appetite.
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    What are the uses of chlorbenalex?

    Clobendex is mainly used for various types of obesity.


    Under what circumstances is it forbidden to use chlorbenazel?
    Cephalex is forbidden for patients with hypertension.
    Cephalex is forbidden in patients with hyperthyroidism.
    Prohibited clobenazole for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
    The patient is taking MAOIs forbidden clobenorex.

    Under what circumstances should we be cautious or avoid the use of chlorbenalex?

    Patients with allergies should use it carefully.
    If lactating women really need medication, they should stop breastfeeding. Clobenalex can interact with some drugs. If you are taking other drugs, be sure to inform your doctor before using chlorbenalex, and consult with your doctor whether you can use it and how to use it.
    The drug has adverse reactions, but don't refuse to use the drug because of fear of adverse reactions. Understand the adverse reactions of clobenorex and make certain psychological preparations.

    Precautions during medication:

    Long-term use can cause addiction and mental dependence
    This drug cannot be used with monoamine oxidase inhibitor

    Chemical Properties

    White or almost white powde


    How to store chlorbenalex:

    Chlorobenzyl rex should be stored in a dry, dark and airtight place
    Don't share this drug with people with the same symptoms
    Drugs should be kept out of the reach of children

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